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Firefly News

This program began as a vision of Cassie Spohn, Director of Firefly’s Early Childhood Program. She envisioned built-in times for children already receiving treatment at Firefly, to focus on generalization and social interactions with typical developing peers, and always with a trained therapist on hand to support them at all times. She imagined moving a full time Firefly student into the “Inclusion” classroom with the support of a therapist, which would offer two staff—the lead teacher and the accompanying therapist, along with student pairings throughout the day. Collected data will be analyzed by the program coordinator and lead teacher, and lessons/materials will be modified accordingly to ensure satisfactory progress for all students across all domains. Regular parent conferences will be held, and there will be numerous opportunities for parent involvement. Teacher training will focus on the specific job responsibilities and is required to pass a series of evaluations that systematically ensures proficiency in all aspects of their role. We are excited about this unique and innovative new program, and we believe it will have a positive and lasting impact on the children, providing new pathways that may otherwise not have been available for them. Adventures in Inclusion is yet another example of how Firefly Autism is helping these children discover the world...and helping the world discover them.

Download our flyer on this new program