Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

If we are lucky, we are blessed with one of two of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that are so powerful, even the word "priceless" isn't adequate enough. Those are the moments that change us, and they bring us to a better place. Last week at Firefly Autism, we had one of those moments. It was actually a moment between a young boy in our Early Childhood program and his grandmother. But it's a moment we helped to create.
Danny is a bright, attentive 8 year-old boy who has been with Firefly for just over a year. In clinical terms, he is considered "non-verbal," meaning he hasn't developed the speech skills common to neurotypical children his age, although he has recently started to sound out a few words, a result of the continued efforts of our dedicated clinical team. Still, he has yet to verbalize a complete thought or sentence, although his grandmother says she hopes to one day hear him speak her name.
Last week, as Danny and his grandmother (who is known to the family as Nana) enjoyed a movie night at home, something remarkable happened. During a moment after pausing the movie for restroom and snack refreshing breaks, Danny looked at his grandmother, then took a deep breath. And then---as if he had done it a thousand times before---he gave her the gift of a lifetime as three little words rolled off his lips.
"Danny loves Nana."
And then he smiled. His grandmother said she had never cried so many tears of joy before. His first full sentence, and it was the greatest gift she had ever received.
That's just one example of the dedication and commitment that happens every day at Firefly, as our amazing team helps every child reach their highest possible potential, and reach milestones they never would have reached anywhere else.
That effort transforms lives. But that effort could never happen without the support of people like you. And now, with rising costs and funding shortfalls, we need your help more than ever so we can continue to help more kids like Danny to develop the skills that will help them fit into a world they don't always understand. Right now, I'm asking for your support in the amount of $100, $50, $25, even $10---or whatever you can afford. It will help so many more kids like Danny---and it will create so many more moments just like the one Danny gave his grandmother. Make your safe, secure, online donation today!
You are part of the effort that helps these remarkable children discover the world...and helps the world discover them. Thank you.
For the kids,
Jesse Ogas
Executive Director
PS Firefly Autism will turn 15 years old in December! Your gift is the perfect way to commemorate our success, and to celebrate the thousands of lives we have transformed in that time. Your gift will also help thousands more as we grow and expand as the leader in the treatment of autism! Please join us on our journey. Give today...and give a brighter future to these kids!


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