Assistant Director of Home Based Services

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Director of Home Based Services

General Summary:
The Assistant Director of Home Based Services reports directly to the Director of Home-Based Services; assisting with oversight of the HBS team, while maintaining a minimum number of direct client services.
Essential Qualifications:
  • Master’s Degree and BCBA certification required
  • 8+ years of ABA experience, working in a variety of environments.
  • Candidates who have provided ABA services to over 50 different clients over their career would be ideal. Experience with a minimum of 30 different clients is required.
  • Excellent interpersonal/social skills, able to connect easily and quickly with people.
  • Organized and efficient, detail-oriented, able to multi-task.
  • Team player who is also able to take the lead.
  • Responsible and reliable.
  • Able to manage and motivate others to achieve desired results.
  • Able to commit at least two years to this job.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback in a professional and courteous manner is essential.
  • Desired Qualifications and Competencies
  • Collaborative, open to learning and a team player
  • Demonstrates effectiveness in staff management and development of staff skills; able to work with a diversity of backgrounds and to bring out the best in people
  • Enjoys change and the challenges of growth
  • A problem solver; thinks creatively, clinically and commercially to find the best solutions

Specific assigned responsibilities are outlined below.

BCBA oversight: Will oversee new BCBAs or BCBAs who may need additional oversight on a regularly scheduled basis, until either the BCBA’s first anniversary, or until deemed competent to no longer require consistent supervision as determined by reliability checks, integrity data, parent report, outcome measures, and thorough documentation review.
Responsible for ensuring that BCBAs are carrying out their supervisory duties with RBTs frequently and efficiently and collaborate with the designated supervision coordinator as such.
Will provide training for BCBAs who need additional assistance with supervision of RBTs.
Oversee initial program set-up, including completion of initial assessment and client’s assessment-based goals and objectives. Ensure individualized curricula and behavior plans for the client are written and reviewed.
Serves as an expert 2nd observer (internal peer review) for ensuring appropriate ABA services are provided to each client including the BCBAs assessment methods used, appropriateness of recommendations provided for service delivery, selection of intervention(s), coordination with other service providers and monitoring of progress and programming.
In conjunction with Director of Home-based Services: Collect, manage & organize receipt of treatment plans, progress reports, IC reports, etc. (any common, necessary written clinical documentation)
In conjunction with Director of Home-based Services: Coordinates relations between families and assigned staff to ensure maximally effective service provision
Collaborate with supervising BCBAs and HBS team to ensure completion of session notes for required funding sources.
*For own caseload:
  • Conduct assessments, complete behavior and treatment plans, and train and supervise RBTs on program implementation.
  • Manage data collection and analysis. This includes setting up and overseeing the data collections methods; taking inter-observer agreement to ensure that data collection is accurate; and analyzing data to make teaching decisions.
  • Completes parent training on a regular basis.
  • Completes all case management duties for own clients as required for ethical, effective service delivery.
  • Employee Relations: In partnership with Director of Home-Based Services, lead, manage, motivate, and mentor HBS team.
  • Coordinates with Clinical Assistant to oversee onboarding of all new clinical staff. This includes training on necessary systems, initial overlaps where necessary and facilitation of communication between families and new clinician on programming or clinical items where appropriate or necessary.
  • Expectations are that Assistant to the Director maintains a client caseload of their own for 10 hours per week per the needs of the Firefly client waitlist, and overlaps/supervises
  • Professional Development and Training
Physical Requirements:
  • Able to sit and stand frequently and shift positions quickly
  • Able to do the following for extended periods of time:
  • Sit/kneel on floor
  • Sit in a chair
  • Stand
  • Walk
  • Able to physically manage teenagers/young adults, including providing physical guidance, physical prompts, bending
  • Able to move quickly and keep up with running teenagers/young adults
  • Pass crisis management training and safely apply all physical management procedures on all clients when necessary

Job Type: Full-time

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