Center-Based Clinical Director

Job Description

General Summary:

The primary role of the Center-based Director is to oversee and supervise the day to day operations of the center-based program at Firefly Autism.  Responsibilities include supervision of Early Childhood and School Age programs including recruitment, professional management, delivery of clinical intervention and programming, and supporting the on-going growth and development of center-based programs. This role requires in-depth clinical expertise as well as highly organized multi-tasking to support and manage the team, students, families, and funding sources. 

Supervisor’s Title: 

Reports to and is supervised by Chief Clinical Officer, Coordinates with direct collaboration with Program Coordinator(s), Center Based Clinical Specialist(s), and the Home-Based Director 

Essential Qualifications:


  • Professional certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Master's degree, preferably in special education, applied behavior analysis, or psychology

Experience and Skills

  • At least 3 years’ experience working in an applied behavior analytic model within autism or developmental disability field
  • At least 3 years’ experience in supervisory capacity 
  • Effectively working with staff who treat children across the autism spectrum at the preschool to high school level
  • Experience assessing students and developing clinical intervention for students with autism spectrum disorders
  • Experience in performance management and supporting a team in an intensive treatment environment
  • Demonstrates excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Communicates and collaborates well with team members, school district partners, parents, professionals, and students

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide support and supervision of recruitment, interviewing and selection of prospective staff for center-based team in collaboration with Program Coordinators (PCs)
  • Support PCs in staff professional management and on-going development
  • Management of payroll platform and Personal Sick Leave for all Center-Based Employees
  • Supervision of RBTs in course work for BCBA Certification
  • Regular supervision and support of Senior Clinical Team for staff/parent issues, curriculum and BIP, day to day operations
  • Liaise with and provide supervision (as needed) to related service providers (SLP/OT/Mental Health)
  • Liaise and build relationships with professionals in the field (School districts, CCBs, other providers, and behavior analysts)
  • Mentoring Clinical Team for IEP  and student programming development 
  • Supervision for Behavior Intervention development 
  • Tour or assist in touring school district personnel, potential donors, public, potential parents and participate in open houses held monthly
  • Oversee and participate in admission/intakes process
  • Provide crisis support to Clinical team and center-based teams, Coordinate case consultations on center-based students with other professionals to plan case presentation, case selection, and follow up
  • Support PCs and CBCSs and team with any cases of MANE or serious injuries
  • Ensure center-based treatment integrity systems are being utilized properly 
  • Identify staff and parent training needs in collaboration with Program Development and Training Director
  • Maintain team morale, and high performing and supportive culture for professional growth and development
  • Participate in development and coordination of research efforts
  • Actively participates in improving the quality of the program and center
  • Assists in problem solving for programming in which change is not in the desired direction

Essential Competencies

  • Collaborative, open to learning and a team player
  • Effective people management and development skills; able to work with a diversity of backgrounds and to bring out the best in people
  • Enjoys change and the challenges of growth
  • A problem solver; thinks creatively, clinically and commercially to find the best solutions
  • Empirically driven in decision making
  • Focuses on outputs and is able to prioritize to “get things done”
  • Approachable with a developmental focus; team members will feel comfortable reviewing matters when they have gone well and less well

Desired Qualifications:

  • Skill in problem solving instructional and treatment programs
  • Skilled in social skill development
  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge and experiences with assistive technology

Professional Development and Training:

  • Attends all staff trainings
  • Actively participate in initial and follow-up training in applied behavior analysis methodology and physical management
  • Willingness to participate in research efforts
  • Engages in activities to further knowledge of autism and applied behavior analysis
  • Current CPR, and QMAP and First Aid certification
  • Other professional development and training as assigned

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to sit and stand frequently and shift positions quickly
  • Able to do the following for extended periods of time:
    • Sit/kneel on floor
    • Sit in a chair
    • Stand
    • Walk
  • Able to physically manage teenagers/young adults, including providing physical guidance, physical prompts, bending
  • Able to move quickly and keep up with running teenagers/young adults
  • Pass crisis management training and safely apply all physical management procedures on all clients when necessary
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