School Age Instructor

Job Description

General Summary :
Responsible for assisting in client supervision and implementation of instructional and treatment programming.
Essential Qualifications :
  • Bachelor’s degree required (human services field preferred)
  • Knowledge of behavioral principles and instructional strategies based on behavior analysis
  • Knowledge of typical child development (developmental milestones and social/emotional development)
  • Has excellent oral communication skills
  • Can handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Able to exercise independent judgment and support program philosophy
  • Able to take direction from supervisors
  • Able to work cooperatively within a team
  • Relates well to parents and students
  • Demonstrate dedication to and investment in student progress
Desired Qualifications :
  • Skill in problem-solving instructional and treatment programs
  • Education-based or vocational work experience (Young Child through Adult)
  • Skilled in social skill development
  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge and experiences with assistive technology
  • ABA experience
  • Pursuing BCBA or BCaBA
  • Sign language
Essential Duties and Responsibilities :
  • Build rapport with each student, creating and maintaining motivation
  • Implements skill acquisition and behavior reduction programming with students
  • Actively participates in improving the quality of the program and Center
  • Makes materials for instructional and treatment programs
  • Records and graphs data for behavior reduction and skill acquisition programming
  • Assists in problem-solving for programming in which change is not in the desired direction
  • Attends and participates in weekly team meetings
  • Maintains designated student program books
  • Holds confidential all knowledge of clients and their families
  • Physically able to perform duties of the position, and other duties as assigned
  • Effectively implements crisis and physical intervention procedures
  • Assists and/or implements daily hygiene and toileting programs for students if appropriate
  • Other essential duties and responsibilities as assigned

Professional Development and Training :

  • Attends all staff training
  • Attends all school and program meetings
  • Actively participate in initial and follow-up training in applied behavior analysis methodology and physical management
  • Willingness to participate in research efforts
  • Engages in activities to further knowledge of autism and applied behavior analysis
  • Keeps CPR and First Aid certification current
  • Other professional development and training as assigned

School Age Instructors take part in a promotional matrix

Physical Requirements :
  • Able to sit and stand frequently and shift positions quickly
  • Able to do the following for extended periods of time:
  • Sit/kneel on the floor
  • Sit in a chair
  • Stand
  • Walk
  • Able to physically manage teenagers/young adults, including providing physical guidance, physical prompts, bending
  • Able to move quickly and keep up with running teenagers/young adults
  • Pass crisis management training and safely apply all physical management procedures on all school-aged children when necessary
  • As employees move through training and expand their skill sets, job requirements and compensation increase
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