Krystal Than has been part of the Firefly Board of Directors since 2015. She came to the organization after having first been a sponsor of Laugh Yourself Blue with her former employer, Walmart. Now Krystal works for Peak Dental as their chief HR and Compliance officer.
Krystal was drawn to Firefly because of a number of reasons, including a mission which aligned to her core philosophy on non-profit work and the active investment back into the organization by the Firefly leaders.
“Firefly continues to make great impact on our ASD families and community at large. In addition to a mission that personally aligns with my core philosophy on non-profit work, I had met with its leadership team and a portion of their board. I quickly found myself surrounded by leaders who were consciously making their own contributions to the mission in a meaningful way. It is energizing to be in the company of such passion. Joining this board has been one of most enriching experiences I have had to date in my non-profit work.”
Krystal says her most impactful experience as a member of the Board came in 2019 when during our Laugh Yourself Blue gala we were able to raise over 1 million dollars in ten minutes during our paddle raise event; a truly historic accomplishment. “My understanding is that this had never happened before in the state's non-profit history and it was incredibly humbling to see it all unfold live,” remembers Krystal.
When Krystal has free time much of that is centered around her family and friends. “I get energy by being around people. Every opportunity I get to spend quality time together is a blessing. While the pandemic has made that challenging, I am relieved to know we're headed in the right direction.”
As Krystal helps move Firefly forward in the days, months and years ahead she says, “I would love to see Firefly grow in its ability to serve the ASD community beyond the state of Colorado. While we have great need and support locally, I know our reach can go further. Whether this is through opening new locations or partnerships with other organizations serving the ASD community, I know the groundbreaking work that is being conducted at Firefly could benefit more families.”
Krystal says, “Honor all of the things that make you who you are. This includes acknowledging that who we are outside of work can, and should, greatly influence who we are at work. Bring your whole self everywhere you go!”
Krystal, thank you for your service and passion to Firefly Autism. You have made a big difference!