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Nonprofit Organization Firefly Autism Partners With Capella University To Provide Employees Access to Educational Opportunities & Scholarships

Firefly Autism employees and their immediate family members will be able to pursue their degrees as well as earn specialized certifications in applied behavior analysis.

Denver, Colo. Today, Firefly Autism announced its partnership with Capella University, an institution dedicated to providing flexible online degree programs, to help working adults pursue their careers and provide its team and their immediate family members access to educational opportunities, including flexible degree programs, scholarships, and exclusive offers for tuition.

“This incredible partnership with Capella University exemplifies so much of what we stand for at Firefly Autism – developing opportunities, expanding access to education, and supporting and building our community. We can’t thank Capella enough for their innovation and dedication to creating education pathways for all,– Dr. Amanda Kelly, Executive Director & CEO of Firefly Autism.

The Capella University Partnership allows Firefly Autism employees and their immediate family members to pursue their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as earn specialized certifications in areas of interest, including applied behavior analysis. Through this partnership, Capella University will offer other education benefits, including access to continuing education (CE) courses in applied behavior analysis (ABA), counseling, psychology, social work, pharmacy & pharmacy tech, and nursing. Capella University students will also have access to Sophia Learning, an online and on-demand learning platform providing general education-level courses to help kick-start students’ educational journeys and pursuit of professional development.

Firefly Autism is a nonprofit leading the way in services, programs, education, and more for individuals of all ages on the autism spectrum. The organization achieves this by building innovative, individualized programs and cultivating meaningful, impactful relationships.

This ideology extends beyond the individuals, families, and communities they serve. Firefly Autism is dedicated to supporting its team members, from morale-boosting events and activities to long-term career development. Firefly Autism not only develops learning programs for its students on the spectrum, but also provides educational opportunities for its current and future employees.

“We’re proud to partner with the Firefly team as they work to empower their workforce through education,” said Dick Senese, President of Capella University. “Upskilling, reskilling and life-long learning for an organization’s workforce may help provide future success for its employees, so we are honored to provide access to a variety of flexible education opportunities to the Firefly team.”

Capella University’s degree programs are offered in two learning formats to fit each individual's learning styleincluding FlexPath, which grants the student flexibility in setting their own deadlines and pace, while GuidedPath offers a traditional, structured approach.

About Capella University

Capella University ( is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Founded in 1993, the university is dedicated to providing flexible, professionally aligned online degree programs designed to help working adults advance in their careers. Known for its commitment to learner success, academic quality and innovations in online education, Capella pioneered competency-based direct assessment programs allowing students to learn at their own pace. For more information, call 1.888.CAPELLA (888.227.3552).

About Firefly Autism

Firefly Autism is a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum through learning, support, and solutions. Firefly provides services primarily to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or intellectual/developmental disabilities who have social, behavioral, or communicative support needs. We incorporate the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with trauma informed care and person-centered planning to create individualized programs that align with our learner’s values. At Firefly, we prioritize embracing our learner’s differences and supporting their needs. We value our learner for who they are and seek to equip them with the skills and tools they need to navigate their world.

To learn more about Firefly Autism and its current job openings, please visit