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Speech and Occupational Therapy

Firefly offers speech and occupational therapy to enhance the services provided to our clients. Our therapists work as part of a team, integrating these therapies in collaboration with our ongoing ABA treatment. Our therapists work with all of the programs, assisting with issues such as eating problems, sensory integration problems, and fine motor concerns, just to name a few. This involves providing both direct therapy as well as consultation and training with our staff and as the client’s caregivers. The Center has a Sensory Room, which is used for direct therapy as well as a part of the client’s individualized behavior plan. Our speech therapists work with School Age, Early Childhood, and Home Based programs, working directly with a client as well as training/consultation with a client’s circle of supports including the BCBA and RBT. All of these therapies are included in a multidisciplinary team with a focus on individualized treatment and evidence-based, empirically driven practices.